We have recently had a Quinquennial survey and the inspection highlighted urgent repairs which demanded immediate attention. You will all have been aware of the scaffolding on the North side of the tower which provided the access to the lower lucarne (window), where the main frame work of stone was found to be dangerously close to falling out onto the pavement below!

Upon receipt of a written request from the Parochial Church Council for assistance, the Committee in conjunction with Ken Hook, the PCC Representative (and a keen supporter of the Friends), agreed to help fund the project to a maximum of £10,000, (the estimated cost was over £20,000).

Why not more you may be thinking – well there will of course be other repairs to existing deteriorating masonry and timbers which will need to be repaired and therefre receive our consideration in due course. Watch this space.

When passing by or calling into St. Dionysius Church look up and take pride in the knowledge that you have assisted with the restoration of this iconic ancient Grade I listed building. We continue with our quest to follow our resolve –

Conservation, Heritage, Community
…… with a little help from our Friends

John Gilding